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Advanced Coatings for Large-Area or High-Volume Products

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

Since more than 80 years J. Schneider delivers customer-specified and standard power supplies all over the world. 360 employees are working in three different divisions "Transformers", "Service Center Electrical Drives" and "High Voltage Power Supplies/UPS". In the High Voltage Power Supply-division J. Schneider especially designs and manufactures power supplies for high voltage and vacuum process equipment in the output power range 1 kW-200kW with output voltages up to 150kV. The high voltage power supplies which are used for ion and electron beam applications, x-ray, laser and high voltage plasma processes work with high reliability and robustness. Especially for plasma processes, J. Schneider offers the water-cooled PLASMATEC-Series.

PLASMATEC -Series is a highly reliable, primary switched-mode power supply product line. The PLASMATEC -Series reveals improved process technology for thin film plasma applications. With this state of the art water-cooled power supplies, J. Schneider offers different application dedicated systems to suit the specific demand. The PLASMATEC -Series is characterized by the most sophisticated, flexible and adjustable arc management with extremely low passive output energy, and a high output power density. The PLASMATEC power supplies are available in a wide output power range, 3kW, 5kW, 1 OkW, 12kW, 15kW or 20kW. Its modularity enables connections in parallel to increase the output power up to 200kW. Ideal for vacuum coating processes for hard and decorative coatings, architectural I industrial glass, flat-panel, semiconductor, data-storage, optical-, tribological- and solar applications.

PLASMATEC DC, PLASMATEC DCp, PLASMATEC Ap, PLASMATEC AC, PLASMATEC Mp products are dedicated for magnetron sputtering deposition and PECVD processing. PLASMATEC ARC and PLASMATEC BIAS series are specially designed for state of the art pulsed cathodic arc processes.

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