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Advanced Coatings for Large-Area or High-Volume Products

OMT Solutions BV

OMT Solutions is a R&D company situated on the High Tech Campus 9 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

We provide services and products for the

  • Optical industry
  • Glass and coating industry
  • Solar energy industry
  • Universities and R&D institutes
  • Space industry

Our focus is on Optical Characterization of Materials. Our mission is to support the Industry and Scientific Community with world class innovative solutions for optical measurement and testing problems and new optical materials.

OMT Solutions offers an extensive package of services, such as: determining optical and thermal radiation properties of materials to the highest level of accuracy, calibration of reference materials for spectrophotometry, measuring performance data, product testing, optical simulation and modelling, development of new measurement techniques and consultancy and training in spectrophotometry. An important part of our business is the development of spectrophotometer accessories for a wide range of applications.

Our work is based on the accurate measurement of reflectance, transmittance, absorptance and emittance. We measure these properties as a function of wavelength in the range of 175 nm to 56,000 nm with spectrophotometers equipped with special purpose accessories. Most of the accessories we use have been designed and built in our laboratory. Others have been modified or optimised to obtain the highest possible accuracy.

OMT Solutions BV High Tech Campus 9 5656AE Eindhoven THE NETHERLANDS
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